how to remove vote ink from skin?

several method to remove ink from the skin:-

1.patience and persistence :

wait until two to three day may automatically remove becuase they especially design to automatically remove from the skin so do not any harsh and hard contain use on the skin 

2. use natural product like lemon juice:-

lemon juice is bleaching agent to reomve stain on area of ink and naturally treat this.

squezze fresh lemon juice on affected area with cotton and pad 

gently rubber on affected area and soaked 

allow to few minite afrer rising with water 




3.petroleum jelly :-

petroleum gelly braek down the link and easily remove it

allow it for several minutes then gently wipe away for cloth

4. :-banking soada paste:-

make paste aded banking soada with water.

apply the paste to the ink stain and gently massage into the skin

let it sit for few minutes and rising with water. repeate if necessary 

5.:-alcohol rubbing (isopropyl)(spirit):-

apply small amount of alcohol and rubbing with pad and cotton 

rubbing gently and circular motion

rubbing continue until start to fade.also avoide exessive rubbing.

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