summer skin problems & solution

summer skin problem & cure

problem arise when sun increase exposure,heat, & other enviroment factor like dirt , pollution.

1sunburn :

  •   causes:sunburn occur when increase uv radiation , heatvave leading to redness, burning like pain,
  • cure :-used broad-spectrum sunscreen with spf 30 or higher , wear protective clothing, avoid direct sun  spectial afternoon .when u feel like sun burn to compress cool pack , moisturise your skin special contain have aloe vera and jajoba oil, drink plenty of water , also glucose 

2.heat rashes :- 

  • causes- that known pricle heat, characterize to red ,itchy and something blitering rash
  • cure :-wearing loose cotton like cloth, stay cool , keep skin clean & dry, avoid heavy cream & lotion,  calamine lotion & alovera help to relieve itching and inflammation

3.acne breakouts :

      causes:-head & humidity can increase production and clogged pore and increase oil secretions., that cause of increase acne breakouts

.      cure :-clean skin twice daily  like face wash and not have any face to clean skin with normal cool water, use oil free suncreen and other new sunscreen have features like water resistance, paraban free also u have add this

4.dehydrated skin:-hot weather and sun exposure lead to dehydrated , causing dry and dull skin.

  •  cure :-drink maximum amout of water, stay hydrated, applied oil free moisture, boost your skin hydratio
5. skin sensitivity : 
        causes :when increase exposure of sun can damage skin and lead to sensitivity, readness , irritation , allergic reaction also u have

         cure :-choose gentle fragrance free skincare products, also wear sunglasses, use sunscreen have features like water resistance and broad-spectrum . if irritation occur  use soothing ingredients like chamomile or oatmel and moisture  to calm the skin and hydrate and feel healthy 

note: when u feel skin condition worsens and esseantial to consult dermatologist proper and diagnoss and treatment

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